5 reasons why your business should have a website

by | Jun 10, 2020

Today it is unthinkable to have a business without digital presence. Your existence on the Internet must be powerful for potential customers to abound and you stand out from your competition. Therefore, it is vital to have a pleasant website, that also has an optimal and effective web design and development.

It may sound a little bit funny, but to make yourself known in this era, the web presence helps you demonstrate your existence in this world.

Most consumers do research online before purchasing a service or a product.

Even customers now expect businesses to have web pages, so they can find information about you and the services your company offers.

For these reasons, your business must have a well-built website. A site that identifies you as a brand in the market, reflects quality and especially credibility with potential customers.

Furthermore, a favorable web design and development is crucial for the success and visibility of the search engines, which will reflect future traffic and profits for your company.

The information provided below will explain the benefits you can take advantage of, so your business thrives with a website made of high quality and at the forefront.

Benefits of a web page for my business


1. The website for my business helps me look professional

84% of consumers currently think that a website makes a business more credible than companies that only have social networking profiles. (Data based on a survey by the Verisign website of 787 US Internet consumers).

Also, having your own website is the perfect place to display any professional certification and create a brand email address (for example: luis@tuataras.net).

This quality adds a level of professionalism to your email replay when communicating with customers.

2. An efficient web design and development guarantees security against the failures of social networks

You are probably wondering do I need a website for my business if I am on social networks? The answer is a resounding YES.

Maybe you have a Facebook or Instagram account with very good reputation, many followers and likes.

However, there are some problems with this strategy. Always you will depend on the social media platform you choose.

Algorithms and rules change. What works one day may stop working at any time and the empire you built would have completely vanished.

But if you are building your business and you are your own boss, why you should do what a social media platform tells you to do?

Having your particular website gives you the advantage that it belongs to you. You can control the content and follow your own rules.

On the other hand, trends also change. If your clients are on Instagram today, they could be on a new platform tomorrow.

As people switch from one social network to another, my business website with good web design and development, it will act as an anchor for potential clients.

No matter what social networking service customers prefer, they can always find your web page available in the same place.

3. Positioning with content that attracts potential customers

Person browsing the web development and web design

Image by freepik.es

Who does not want to appear on the first page of Google?

According to studies, 92% of users searching on Internet select businesses that appear on the first page of local search results.

So, it is necessary focus on being consistent with the way of writing the content of your website. Write persuasively, engaging, informative, and always seek to refer to the customer.

Give the web page your personal touch and write interesting content about your products or services.

Think about what the client expects to get from you and the extra benefits that you can offer them, that differentiate you from your competition.

Thus, the website of your business can become a reference for your audience and a reliable source of information.

In addition, your website may be quoted in another publication, providing links that serve as SEO relevance for your site.

A well-optimized website can help your business rank well for a variety of search terms, and attract a steady stream of new customers.

4. The design of your website is key to usability and user experience

Web design and development affects the user experience. According to studies, 38% of people disconnect from a website if the design is not attractive.

Google uses user experience signs to understand visitor engagement and interaction with websites.

Another relevant factor of the user experience is the mobile design. 63% of all traffic now comes from a mobile device.

So, it is very important that the web page of my business is primarily optimized for mobile devices. This feature will prepare a website to please users and Google.

5. Affordable and easy to keep updated at low cost

You do not have to spend a fortune to create and maintain the website for your business.

In addition, compared with other advertising techniques it is quite economical.

Considering the power of a business website, the return on investment is higher than other advertising channels in most cases.

Once a business website is set-up, it requires very little maintenance.

This makes it an easy way to advertise, without taking too much time out of the daily business operations.

On the other hand, little maintenance does not mean that you can neglect your website. You must implement a content strategy that provides regular and constant updates, so your website does not become obsolete.


Importance of a web page for my business


In 2020, nearly 4.54 billion people -59% of the world population use the Internet and more and more people connect.

That is why having a website for my business is one of the best investments any company can make to ensure their long-term future.

Also, the main objective of the design and development suitable for a web page, it is to attract visitors and then convert them into customers.

Make your business occupy an important position in this competitive digital world.

A website should be your sales tool to explains and show the products and services you offer and generates potential customers from that information.

If you are ready to start a successful project with a website for your business and you require web design and development services, contact us and start now!

Tuataras.net team will be happy to work with you to grow your business together.

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