7 Key elements to achieve a successful project
28 Aug, 2019
Nerlis Moreau

In order for you to successfully carry out your project, it is important that you apply some elements that will be key during this process.

All projects are started with great enthusiasm and with the aim of reaching a business opportunity or covering a need. Although it may seem easy, the beginning of a project always has its difficulties.

The project can present several challenges that must be faced, resulting in obstacles capable of affecting progress and the goal of completing the project.

However, there are important factors that will contribute greatly to the outcome and success of the project. From Tuataras, we will provide you with some of those key elements of success for the development of a high quality project.


Choose a professional project manager

People planning elements for a project
The work of a project manager is based on planning the work and organizing the resources to carry out a project in an efficient, controlled and successful way. Basically, the project manager ensures that everything works smoothly.

The manager is the link between the sponsor of the project, which establishes the vision and the project team, which is responsible for carrying it out. Also, in a timely manner, the project manager incorporates stakeholders to offer their contributions.

The project manager must be a planner, must think about the work sequence and knows what should happen after the team completes a task. The manager creates good plans, but also knows when to be flexible and deviate from a plan.

In addition, the project manager must be reliable and self-confident. Its success depends on the work of others, so a project manager needs people to trust their goals. Security is particularly important in the relationship between the project manager and the project sponsor.

The project manager tends to be outgoing, because the vast majority of his work involves communication and holds people accountable for their commitments. In addition, the manager is quite organized and tries to keep everything under control so that the course of the project does not deviate.

Clarity in objectives and scope

Approach of People planning.
The main thing before planning a project is to structure and perfectly define the objectives. The objectives are the great things we want to achieve and what the project must achieve, which is called the scope of the project. The scope defines the parameters of the project.

Defining and clearly negotiating the objectives and identifying the scope of the project is a job led by the project manager. When it is possible to define exactly the scope of the project, it is possible to achieve success and therefore customer satisfaction.

It is important to set general objectives that guide and specific objectives that focus and take care of the details of the project. This will have an impact on the direction of the project and the work of its participants.

Continuous and efficient communication with the client

Developers talking about People Planning approach
Having empathy, listening and paying attention to customer needs are key elements in the success of the project. In addition, communication must also focus internally within the organization.

Through continuous and effective communication along the way of the project, with all team members and stakeholders, the satisfaction of the client and everyone involved is achieved.

Manage the project with wisdom, balance and agility

Person reviewing the elements used in the project
Changes may occur during project planning, which requires that team members have the ability to make decisions on time and with great wisdom, as well as the ability to negotiate.

A project team should never promise anything that cannot be accomplished. Communicating that something cannot be done from the beginning will save you a lot of unnecessary problems in the future. You always have to be honest about what the team is capable of and when you can do it.

It should be noted that projects are increasingly made up of multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.

This variety of ideas and reasoning urges us to openly manage different cultures and ways of thinking. Therefore, it is essential to be balanced and sensible when ordering and undertaking the project to guarantee its success.

Execute intelligent and appropriate project planning

People executing and correcting project errors
Projects must be planned in a detailed and organized way as this will depend on their success.

The project management plan establishes what, when and by whom the different tasks of the project should be executed. In addition, it allows you to create a reliable and realistic timeline.

Ensuring a specific time for cost estimates to be produced, for a clear documentation of the objectives and the final results, will favor things as the project develops.

A competent plan details all resource requirements and functions as a warning system. If the delay of a task is at risk, then a warning system will provide clear visibility of what to expect.

On the other hand, project planning not only helps the team meet deadlines, stay organized and focused on the right path, but also keeps stakeholders aware of the progress of the project.

Use pre-completed projects as templates for your future projects. In this way, you can not only prevent the redundancies associated with the creation of a project from scratch, but the more you reuse a template project, the closer you will be to the precise deadlines and budget estimates.

Careful risk management

Risk management in the project Elements for a project
Project managers know that things do not always go exactly as planned and conflicts within the project are inevitable. For what is important during the planning process, prepare a contingency record with an action plan for the risks that the project could face.

This established action plan will give the team confidence to face and quickly and effectively solve the risks of the project and help customers feel comfortable with the progress of the project.

Additionally, having a central online database of project information is vital to ensure that you do not lose the crucial momentum of the project. But, it is also important in the case of losing key participants, as you can quickly update new members of your team.

Solid project closure

Expert meeting to launch the project Elements for a project
If the project does not have a solid closure, then it is likely that it will continue to consume resources. The team that is working on the project must be firm and agree with the client that all critical success factors have been completed.

The validation of the delivery of the project, the tests and the launch must be agreed and signed.

A good option, if you want to register and archive all the documentation that was executed in the development of the project, is through satisfaction surveys. This reference information is very useful for using and improving the development of other projects in the future.

Although the project manager is responsible for everything working well, it does not guarantee the success of the project. What truly makes a project have a successful outcome is that the entire team is also committed and pays attention to the key factors.

This success will lead to organized and proactive project plans and an increase in the quality of all future projects.

Tuataras is made up of an excellent work team that has the ability to support you in every detail during the development of your idea. Do not hesitate to contact us; we are here to serve you.
Nerlis Moreau

Editor, Tuataras

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