Achieve a remote production work team with these 7 collaboration tools

by | May 7, 2020

Collaboration tools are great resources for you to manage your work, easily communicate with your team wherever they are, and thus work together more productively.

Can you imagine managing your work team from home and having your designer, developer or editor working from other parts of the world?
It is possible and we certify it. To our Tuataras´ team, remote teamwork has worked very well, relying on different collaboration tools to achieve work objectives.
We believe that collaboration is the secret ingredient of successful businesses. Through these tools we have carried out successful projects, since they allow us to solve problems quickly and save us working time.
One advantage of these platforms, apart from their particular functionalities and characteristics is, you do not have to spend money, because every free version works very well.
So that you and your team also take advantage of the benefits of these collaboration tools, and help them increase their productivity, here are 7 solutions to enhance collaboration of your company.


Manage your work and team with these collaboration tools



Aplicación de colaboración Dropbox

This smart workspace works like a productivity app. It allows the team to collaborate easily and practically. You can share work, files and folders, within a secure storage system.
This collaborative tool helps your work to be carried out in optimal conditions, organized, easy to find and easy to share among teammates. Dropbox is simple but powerful to keep your team synchronized.



Plataforma de Email Zoho Mail

This email service customized for your business is excellent. Your privacy is guaranteed and is free of advertising. As a team we recommend it, because it is fast, clean and offers better protection against fake emails.

In addition, its functionality Streams, “comment / share emails” is great, because you manage to do much more, with fewer emails. You can maintain productive conversations without the clutter of long and cumbersome email threads. In addition, it allows you to tag your team, share files and manage tasks simply and clearly.

On the other hand, with Email Zoho members of your team will have custom email address. This feature gives authenticity and a professional plus to your company.



Repositorio de proyectos Github

We love GitHub, because it is home to the world’s largest developer community and their projects. It also offers teams private repositories with unlimited collaborators, at no cost.
This collaborative work tool provides a web-based graphical user interface. As well as access control and various collaboration features, such as wikis and basic management tools for each project task.
The key to the success of any project is how good is the documentation process, and GitHub gathers teams to solve problems, promote ideas and learn from each other along the way.



plataforma de almacenamiento para archivos y documentos Google Docs

This collaborative documentation tool includes services such as Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets and Calendar, which provide order and follow-up on what is being worked on.
It’s great working in these workspaces, because they are designed to allow team members to edit files at the same time and save all their changes automatically.
When our team Tuataras uses this tool, they feel confident and compiled by editing in the same master document. As members make edits, Google Docs keeps track of all changes and label each edition with the name of the Google account holder.
On the other hand, once you have configured offline mode in your documents, you will not need an Internet connection to use them.


“Productivity tools save time and improve efficiency”



Herramientas de colaboración Skype

This popular instant messaging and calling communication tool is very easy to use. It allows to make audio and video calls between multiple people, even with different mobile devices.
An excellent functionality of Skype is the option to share your screen and files. This will help you gather your team members through group calls, and make an excellent presentation online wherever you are.



Herramientas de colaboración Slack

If you want to take a proactive team and organize the way they handle communications, this popular intelligent platform is well designed to achieve that goal.
Slack offers instant messages, direct messages, file transfers and a powerful message search. In addition, you can make entries and respond to conversation threads so well organized that there is no possibility to interrupt an ongoing debate.
You can also create different separate channels. Channels are organized spaces for everything related to a project, a theme or a team, which is required to converse, collaborate and follow up what is being done. In this way everything is kept very well differentiated and structured.



Herramientas de colaboración Trello

This magnificent collaboration tool is another of our favorites within the Tuataras team. Because it’s easy to learn to use, useful and even fun. With just a glance, Trello shows you what is being worked on, who is working on something and where is something in process.
It works great to monitor and prioritize projects flexibly. As well as assigning tasks in an organized way through their cards that you can drag to the different boards.
In addition, you can delve into the details on each card adding comments, attachments, expiration dates and more.
This increasingly widespread workforce around the world has become the trend and a necessity. If you want as a company to have a profitable participation of your work team, your collaboration tools should have good functionality, tailored to your purposes and safe.
Better communication between workers, effective meetings and ensuring that they work together at the same time, on the same page and from anywhere in the world, results in the successful execution of projects faster.

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