E-Learning For All Ages
13 Aug, 2019
Nerlis Moreau
Online education is ideal for all ages. Discover some tips to develop an E-Learning design that suits the needs of each audience
As technology grows, the world of education has been greatly strengthened with new teaching and learning modalities. E-learning has become a learning trend preferred by many, and best of all, it adapts to all ages.
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E-Learning is a training system based on the use of new Internet and multimedia technologies, to enrich the learning quality of children, adolescents and adults.

Online education facilitates the student access to resources and services, and enabling exchange and collaboration. In addition, E-learning offers you ease flexibility and quality in the training process.


One of the considerable advantages that E-learning offers is the ability to adapt to different kind of audience to which it is aimed. There are no age barriers. Anyone can be in the ability to learn online, as long as there is a commitment from the student.

As for virtual tutors, it is essential to take into consideration the age of the students in the teaching process. Each age has a special structured learning environment and a different rhythm, which will influence the way students assimilate information.

Tips for designing learning environments for children and adolescents


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E-learning is considered as a learning aid. To guarantee an optimal course, it is necessary to design a program that takes advantage of the strengths of the little ones.
Nowdays, we use the Internet and electronic equipment daily, so many schools have decided to invest more and more in these types of technologies and offer their students to learn through digital media.

It is believed that children who have had the ability to develop computer operation skills from a very young age, will have better life prospects as they grow up.
Likewise, through cooperation and interaction with audiovisual resources, children and adolescents learn new subjects more easily and have better knowledge.

Promote natural curiosity through games

Children are biologically designed to learn. In addition, this generation has grown and lived with electronic equipment and video games.

The most recommended as an online trainer is to design a course with a specially designed subject that inspires curiosity and motivates them to explore. A brilliant way to motivate them and make the learning process more effective is through games.

Require short and modular training

Generally, this type of audience requires information that can be consumed quickly and can be read in a few minutes. In this way children can assimilate more and better what they are being taught. In addition, it prevents the student from getting tired and does not want to finish the module.

They are video consumers

Currently, videos are one of the ways in which children and adolescents consume the information. If you want to arouse the interest and participation of students, it is advisable to use interactive and colorful audiovisual resources.

Offers significant awards
People respond very well when they receive a prize for their effort and ability to solve a problem. E-Learning platforms and software support them mentally when they win or lose.

So, awards, as well as being an important method of motivation for the learner, also give the trainer the opportunity to know the strengths and abilities of their students.

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Tips for designing adult learning environments

How adults learn, it is known by the term Andragogy. This term was defined by Malcolm Knowles, as the science that helps adults to continue learning.

Learning is based on 5 androgynous assumptions: motivation, experience, need, self-concept, learning utility and the orientation to learn.

Helping to understand the adult student is the first step in the development of E-Learning materials. It is important to create an optimized training, so adult students want to start and finish the course. In this way positive results can be generated.

The freedom to choose

Most adults are autonomous and self-directed; they want to be in charge of their learning process. E-learning offers you this opportunity since you can access anytime, anywhere.

To provide greater convenience of access to online learning, it is important to provide a material with several portable formats, so that they are available on different types of electronic devices.

Use experiences

Adults have a wealth of knowledge that is based on previous experiences. Allow students to contribute their own experience to the training.

Including techniques such as discussions, case studies or games in which real problems can be solved, encourage students to get involved in a more practical way during the learning process.

Adults want to have fun

Generally the life of adults is quite busy. They have little free time, many job duties and family responsibilities in their care.

So including an element of fun in your E-Learning content helps reduce stress and anxiety, especially when it comes to learning complex subjects.

The design of an E-Learning course for adults that provides challenges, rewards, games and creative activities can help build enthusiasm and community among participants.



E-Learning can be used and adapted to all ages. It is important that the implementation and design of the technological resources of the E-learning projects are adapted and have special knowledge about the people to whom it is addressed.

Applying a correct teaching methodology will help students understand and succeed.

If you need advice to design and develop an excellent E-Learning model, which also suits a specific audience, do not hesitate to contact us. Our Tuataras team will offer you the best advice and technical assistance to carry out your project successfully.

Nerlis Moreau

Editor, Tuataras

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