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22 Aug, 2019
Nerlis Moreau

E-Learning is the education system of the present. Distance education offers users a wide range of e-learning methods that can guarantee success during their training.  

Advances in technology grow by leaps and bounds, so it is important to know the trends that are having an impact on the E-Learning industry, in order to offer a first class course to users.

It is necessary to take into account key elements in the design of E-Learning, which makes a goodquality learning and more attractive training process in a short-term.

Here are some trends in e learning that are forging today’s electronic education system.




Playstation and laptop control in e learning
This learning technique is based on the application of games to stimulate the development of innovative skills in people.

The application of game mechanics has the ability to motivate and emotionally engage users with a platform.

It usually involves the use of conquests, punctuation and reward, which awakens in people the challenging desire to complete all tasks, so that they achieve their goals.

In addition, it is a well-accepted learning technique, because it is highly interactive and at the same time fun, especially when it comes to complex issues that can generate learning stress.

Gamification is increasingly used by many companies in the training process. It has been proven that a well-designed game that addresses the needs of the students, allows them to better involve each other, improve the retention rate and a better application of the topic learned at work.



Devices  in e learning
The way people consume content nowadays has been transformed and summarized in two steps: make it quick and easy to understand. This is what microlearning is about.

This successful technique is based on learning dynamics in clear and concise informative fragments, aimed at achieving the objectives. This system allows creating very direct and focused projects, in which great results are achieved.

Microlearning uses video as the main element. It can be easily implemented in the form of small games, infographics, quizzes and videos.

This method provides students with a better way to understand the modules quickly and also to repeat the learning lesson as many times as necessary. A great advantage of microlearning is that it can be implemented on any device.



Assistant robot Trends in e learning
Artificial Intelligence assistance has been recovered in the field of E-Learning. Organizations currently offer innovative solutions, in which chat bots are able to guide students on the path of learning during the course.

The advantage of using AI is that it can help predict people’s behavior. Also, supports students in their learning and in times of need.

AI behavior is based on the modules that were taken by the student and the difficulties he had to face, which helps to personalize his learning experience.

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Big Data offers beneficial advantages for developers and students. With regard to the E-Learning industry, Big Data is the large amount of information (data) generated by students, while they take the modules of the online course.

Data is collected through social networking sites, content management systems and learning management systems. This allows students to interact effectively with learning programs.

Also, Big Data can help assess the effectiveness of learning. The analysis of this data is very useful to maximize the effectiveness of E-Learning.

On the one hand, it allows identifying inconsistencies in the difficulty curve of a course. In addition, it can determine areas that were too simple for most users, as well as areas that seemed to hinder or delay student progress due to a level of difficulty.

Video learning generates enthusiasm in people, which increases their motivation in the content and their training.


Video Learning is the trend of the greatest boom and growth at the international level.

This video-based learning method, by incorporating audiovisual content, transforms the training process in a fun and enjoyable way, which undoubtedly improves the student’s experience.

The popularity of video-based sites, such as YouTube, has forced organizations to adopt more audiovisual content in their training.

Some of the advantages offered by Video Learning are that learning process is faster and more effective than reading dense text content.

The user can access the content that has to learn from any device, anywhere and as many times as you want.

In addition, including interactive elements makes it an ideal way to learn and understand how to act in the face of different situations that may arise in professional life.

Video Learning generates enthusiasm in people, which increases their motivation in the content and their training.

If you need advice to design and develop an excellent E-Learning model, which also suits a specific audience, do not hesitate to contact us. Our Tuataras team will offer you the best advice and technical assistance to carry out your project successfully.

Nerlis Moreau

Editor, Tuataras

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