5 programming languages that make you a good software developer

by | Jul 22, 2020

I want to learn to develop, but I have no idea where to start! Don’t worry, we have all been there. Therefore, I will give you a super list of the best and most demanding essential programming languages to become an expert software developer.

I want to learn to develop, but I have no idea where to start! Don’t worry, we have all been there. Therefore, I will give you a super list of the best and most demanding essential programming languages to become an expert software developer.

The field of software development is very wide. There are hundreds of programming languages and will not be an easy road, but not impossible either, I assure you.

There is a philosophy that “writing code is available to anyone”.

However, to successfully overcome your goal of becoming a programmer you must be persistent. You must practice, practice and if I did not mention it, keep practicing and understand that you will learn by making mistakes.

This programming language came to stay, it is the present and the future, so do not miss the opportunity to learn it.

I am sure that after you read this post, you will have a clearer picture of what programming languages can help you boost your career in the coming years.

Why do we choose these 5 programming languages?

I chose these languages based on their usage, popularity, and structure.
If you are just starting out as a developer, these programming languages are essential for beginners.

But I also address you veteran. This is a list of excellent programming languages that every programmer or software developer should try to learn for their own growth and profit as a professional.

1. C (Difficulty level: advanced)

Programming lenguage C 5 programming languagesIntroduced in the late 1970s, the legendary C idiom is referred to as the “universal language” of programming languages. Despite its age, it has made a great contribution to the world of programming, and still does.

Knowing this, you no doubt whatsoever that cannot be a programmer if you do not learn to handle the language C.

Even though its difficulty level is advanced, you have to take on this challenge.

Along the way you will acquire many key programming concepts such as structure, matrix, pointers, memory management, etc.

In addition, once you learn C will make it easier to integrate more languages like C ++ and C #.

Why C remains a popular programming language to learn today?

1.It is essentially a portable assembly language. In other words, it works with almost all systems and as close as possible to the machine.

2.It has features that make it perfectly qualified for operating systems and embedded systems in cars, electronics and other devices. Thanks to its relatively small execution time, C is perfect for keeping these lean systems.

3.Many algorithms written and shared online are made in C.

Almost everything we touch today, from our cell phones to alarm clocks, is influenced, or written directly in the C language.

Even today, whenever it is necessary to create high-performance applications, C is still the preferred option.

This programming language was quickly adopted by major Tech brands including Apple, Microsoft, Linux, and Oracle.

Then, programming in C for Beginners is an excellent place to start.

2. Phyton (Difficulty level: simple)

Programming lenguage python logo

You will be surprised how simple it is to learn Phyton.

The syntax of this programming language is intuitive, clear and almost similar to the English language. It also has a variety of applications that make it versatile and powerful.

Python is one of those languages that can be used as a scripting language, as well as an object-oriented language suitable for a small or large project.

Also, it is ideal for web development, graphical user interfaces (GUI) and software development.

On the other hand, Phyton is one of the most popular introductory languages taught in universities worldwide. Even experienced developers often choose it as a second or third language.

Phyton’s popularity has increased steadily in recent years and this is because it is an important language in some of today’s most exciting technologies.

In fact, it was used to build platforms such as Spotify, Instagram and Reddit, among others.

3. JavaScript (Difficulty level: moderate)

Programming lenguage logo JAVASCRIPT 5 programming languages

I must emphasize that it seems impossible to be a software developer these days without using JavaScript. This is one of the most popular programming languages in the world and the most used in 2020.

It is the language preferred by developers because of its compatibility with all major browsers as well as simplicity and speed. It is really flexible with the syntax it contains.

Being a front-end language, JavaScript is also used on the server side through the Node.js framework. Knowledge of this language helps you decide what feature should implemented on the server side, and what you can manage on the client side.

For example, many validations you used to do on the server side were migrated to the client side.

Also, JavaScript provides developers the ability to seamlessly to include interactive effects into web pages, because it communicates with HTML and CSS.

However, it is becoming more common web applications are fully developed in JavaScript.

This makes it essential for front-end development and consumer-oriented websites. As it becomes increasingly important in back-end development and constantly increasing demand.

JavaScript is used by platforms such as Twitter, Gmail and Facebook among others. Even super spaceships from SpaceX company, runs by Elon Musk, use JavaScript to dominate space. Certainly impressive, right!

4. Ruby (Difficulty level: moderate)

Programming lenguage logo RUBY

Ruby is one of the most popular languages among modern tech startups. Its popularity is enhanced in Ruby on Rails framework, a full-stack web application framework that runs Ruby.

Ruby has dynamically written the language. It has no strict rules and is a high-level language that closely resembles English.

It is a dynamic and open source programming language, focused on productivity. Designed on the theme of simplifying the programming environment and make it more fun.

It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write, that allows you as a developer to do more with less code.

Also, thanks to Ruby on Rails, launch a web application takes less time than other frames.

Airbnb, Twitch, GitHub have been built with Ruby.

5. Java (Difficulty level: advanced)

Programming lenguage logo JAVA


For those who know Java they probably are not so desperate to get to work right away. No, I’m just kidding! Although its difficulty level is high, they say out there “write once, run everywhere”.

Thanks to its benefits, this programming language has been dominant over the past 20 years.

Java rules the world of server-side application development. Even many of the largest companies in the world use Java to create desktop applications and web back-end systems.

For example, Java is the most popular programming language for Android and most applications are built on this language.

What makes Java so popular:

  • It is a language static type, is faster and easier to maintain with fewer errors.
  • Thanks to the independent Java Virtual Machine (JVM) platform, Java can run on almost all systems and can be encoded on any device.
  • You can create projects of any complexity because it provides you with the tools, technology and a huge community to help if you have any problems.
  • It is also backward compatible, which means that older versions of the language will continue to function perfectly even after new versions are released.

If you want to grow in your career this programming language is essential that you have stored in your brain.

An example of the best employers for Java programmers include IBM, Ebay and Amazon.

Another interesting tip that can help you how many programming languages to learn, is to investigate what is on the market. Stay up to date and analyzes where technology trends are going.

But, having experience in multiple programming languages will open many more job fields as a software developer.

As I mentioned before, this programming language came to stay, it is the present and the future, so do not miss the opportunity to learn it.

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