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e-Learnning Platforms, LMS or Virtual Campus

We help businesses and educational centers to implement, enhance or update the online training strategies effectively. We offer Consulting and Development services for e-learning platforms or Virtual Campus.

LMS or Virtual Campus e-learning platforms


e-Learning Business

Tuataras have studied in depth each of the features that make up business architecture and the Development of e-learning Platforms or Virtual Campus.

We offer solutions in business architecture within information technologies such as:


  • Using software as a service (SaaS)
  • Achieve data independence and functions
  • Use the software as an enabler to integrate process value chains
  • Consolidate structured and unstructured information
  • Achieve the convergence of information, processes, students, teachers and technology
  • Standardize and simplify
LMS or Virtual Campus e-learning platforms

It is time to act

We are ready to help you at every stage of the software development life cycle, or the implementation of a pre-set solution. We provide technical assistance, from conceptualization and consultancy to development and support.

Oriented to mobile devices

We ensure that our tools and integrations work properly on any computer. Likewise, we guarantee you get a flawless user experience when interacting with the system from any mobile device, either a Smartphone or Tablet.

Supports multiple content formats

Arouses the student’s interest and increases their attention, offering educational content in different formats, such as: podcasts, videos, infographics, interactive texts, evaluations.

Design and customization

We know how important it is to keep the corporate image with your employees, especially with your clients. For that reason, we emphasize the design, so the end user can interact comfortably and feel at “home”.

Support and user help

We provide technical support through various channels to users who interact with the system. Also, we provide interactive knowledge bases, which are important to reduce the adaptation process and familiarization with these tools.

Upgrade plan

The software is constantly evolving, so there are always improvements, adjustments and corrections that guarantee better development. These updates prevent vulnerabilities and potential disasters accordingly.


We instruct our clients very well to become familiar and they can use these tools like all experts from the beginning. This will allow them to be as productive as possible, maintain your brand image and a formidable corporate culture.

Data recovery

You must understand that protecting information is part of the normal operation of these systems, and we are shielded from any attack or disaster. We implement a contingency plan that ensures operations and retrieves information to continue with the service.

Benefits of implementing e-learning platforms or Virtual Campus

Point Number One E-learning platforms LMS or Virtual Campus

Conference system for online classes

Enables companies and organizations of any size, implement and use communications and video based collaboration, with the option to make a recording and share with other users.

Point Number One E-learning platforms LMS or Virtual Campus
Point Number two E-learning platforms LMS or Virtual Campus
Point Number two E-learning platforms LMS or Virtual Campus

Forums, exams and multimedia content directory

The platform can be integrated well with other tools or applications, providing a more complete learning, according to the specific needs of training.

You can access the different courses on the LMS platform from anywhere in the world, at any time, and from a mobile device or computer with Internet access.


Point Number three E-learning platforms LMS or Virtual Campus

It adapts to any model of education and job training

LMS are used for schools and educational centers. Although it is also an invaluable business tool, adopted by companies and organizations large and small, to carry out trainings.

Point Number three E-learning platforms LMS or Virtual Campus
Point Number four E-learning platforms LMS or Virtual Campus
Point Number four E-learning platforms LMS or Virtual Campus


Allows people with certain disabilities to have access to education, in the same way as just as anyone else would.

Thus, e-learning platforms become a totally inclusive system for learning.


Tuataras customers' success stories

See how Tuataras clients boost student or employee performance, save them time, money and streamline students or professional staff training.

"Amazing experience for teachers and students. The nice GUI, the virtual classroom and all their tools make any course a modern learning experience. You don't need to hire programmers in order to fix bugs, Tuataras team is always there to solve any issue. Also, they have a fabulous customer support".

Salem O.

“Launching remote training is easier than we think. Through an adaptive technological design, they create highly interactive content aligned to the objectives of the educational institution. Also, Tuataras LMS adapts to any mobile platform".

Nelsen B.

"With Tuataras we improved our 90-day retention from 69.6% to 86.4%. Launching eLearning was interesting experience to me, a Registered Nurse without any IT background. If it was not for Tuataras, it would have been an epic failure. The Tuataras support team are champions at providing remarkable IT support. All my questions got answered within 24 hours and over 75% were solved within hours".

Amanda P.

“Employee readiness for the job has increased from 80% to 87.5% so far. We started using Tuataras LMS platform to train people overseas and they now feel more ready for their job. Our supervisors have also confirmed that newly trained staff are better prepared now. Plus, Tuataras provided us with the tracking we need for compliance audits, so we don’t spend time tracking results manually”.

Jessica B.

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