Soluciones Tecnológicas TIC

Technological Solutions for Digital Transformation

Tuataras it offers high-value services to improve your productivity and increase your sales, thanks to new technologies.

Scalable Applications
Tuataras fully manages the ICT infrastructure. We provide computer services to companies, supporting thousands of end users, driving positive business results.
We offer you the best experience and knowledge in the latest information and communication technologies, focused on what really matters, your business.
You have a qualified team, certified in the latest technologies, and with extensive knowledge of the products and services of the main manufacturers.
ICT Technology Solutions

Advantages and benefits

Tuataras Maintenance Service (TIC)

  • The continuity of your business is guaranteed, by preventing and eliminating problems in your IT systems.
  • Continue evolving by having the latest and most beneficial technologies.
  • You are responsible to your clients by guaranteeing the recovery of any data or system.
  • In case of disaster or emergency, you have alternative resources to solve a problem.
  • You know at all times the status of your IT for decision making.
  • You meet all standards of data protection.
  • You have maximum protection against undue intrusion.
  • You optimize your IT processes continuously.
  • We adapt the cost of your IT according to the needs and size of your company.
  • Enjoy the same national and international coverage.
ICT Technology Solutions
ICT Technology Solutions

Why Tuataras?

  • Maintenance tailored to each client.
  • Specific solutions for your business and market.
  • Unlimited assistance and support.
  • Commitment and effectiveness.
  • Quality and experience.

How to optimize your IT expenses?

Digital services

Tuataras offers you high value services to improve your productivity and increase your sales, thanks to new technologies.


ICT Manager responsible for managing your company technologies.


Comprehensive and proactive management of the workplace, including flexible equipment renewal.


Renovation and creation of unique spaces integrating new technologies.


Tailor-made projects for supply, installation, and technological updating.


Own professional WIFI solutions for companies and businesses.


ICT infrastructure in the public or private cloud and in pay-as-you-go mode.

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